Monday, November 16, 2015

Welcome to Mars!
My Mars!

Today we glad to invite you to the most beautiful and mysterious planet. Explore it with a curious rover in the 3D Live Wallpaper My Mars!

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You'll like this because:
★ It's beautiful.
You'll enjoy the beauty of the Martian landscapes. Orange sky, blue sunsets, “Foboslit” nights with the myriads of stars awaiting for you here!
★ It's curious.
The 3D model of Mars rover was patterned in details after the real rover Curiosity. You’ll be able to examine her equipment all around.
★ It's interactively.
Activate a different equipment of the rover with just one tap.
★ It's interesting.
You’ll study how the rover moves and works.
★ It's funny.
The funny character will live and explore Mars on your device home screen day-by-day.
★ It's useful.
Day and night follow each other smoothly. The Martian sun moves in accordance with your time zone.

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